VLC RAR-Loader

VLC RAR-Loader 1.3

Play RAR or ZIP files in VLC Media Player


  • Allows VLC to instantly play RAR and ZIP files
  • Drag and drop files into VLC
  • Saves time


  • Doesn't work with password protected files

Very good

If VLC Media Player for Mac is your default media player, then VLC RAR-Loader is a useful tool to play RAR and ZIP archives in it.

VLC RAR-Loader removes the need to decompress RAR or ZIP archives before playing them in VLC. Just simply drag and drop files into your VLC Media Player interface and VLC RAR-Loader will ensure they play automatically. If the video has subtitles, VLC RAR-Loader will load them automatically too. VLC RAR-Loader allows the possibility of compressing your entire video collection - useful if you're running short of disk space.

VLC RAR-Loader is a handy tool for anyone that doesn't want to waste precious time decompressing RAR and ZIP archives or those that want to compress their video collection.

VLC RAR-Loader


VLC RAR-Loader 1.3

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